Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello (again), World

This is begging to be a manifesto, but we’ll try to restrain ourselves from an overly dramatic introduction.

First, some history:

We had our alpha launch of MetaBright in April. We were thrilled that we were able to drive traffic to our site with minimal marketing effort, and even more thrilled by the proportion of people who stuck around and completed a Challenge. What wasn’t so good was the stickiness of MetaBright. People basically took a Challenge, then peaced out.

This wasn’t what we had in mind.

Let’s be explicit about the goal of MetaBright: we aim to be a community generator with a reputation mechanism for a backbone. There are a bunch of ancillary benefits to MB (we can quantify your abilities, give you a platform to share your talents, guide you through a new passion), but these don’t mean much unless you’re also able to connect with real life people. And to connect, you have to have a reason to hang out, beyond just what brought you to the site in the first place.

Our alpha just wasn’t on track to do this.

So what did we do? We took the core concept of MetaBright and ditched everything else. Literally every single facet of MetaBright has been redone. Unlike our alpha, our rebuilding process has been guided by our long-term vision for MetaBright, not what will generate us the most traffic in the short-term. We’ve been focused on addressing the gaps of our competitors (specifically, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Smarterer), and building a product we want to use.

I want to specifically call out three new additions that we’re really pumped about:

Personas: It’s natural to aspire to be a better person and Personas are the compass to get you there. When you choose the persona (or personas!) that you identify with, you’ll begin your journey down the path to mastering your chosen skill-set.

Creative Responses: We think that when people are given open ended questions that encourage creativity, people’s true ability shines through. We call these things Creative Responses and they’re at the core of MetaBright. Responses to these questions are often insightful, brilliant, and hilarious. They’re a great way to discover new people in the subjects you care most about. Check out your stream and see who you find.

Open platform: We intend for MetaBright to be the location where people who want to get better at their passions can connect with each other. Anyone who is a MetaBright veteran is able to contribute to Challenges and help steer the conversation.

What we’re rolling out today is just the beginning. In the coming months, you can expect new Personas, deeper Challenges, and better ways to meaningfully connect with people.

Try it out, and let us know what you think!